A look at ‘The Tanglewood Picnic: Music and Outdoor Feasts in the Berkshires’

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There’s a new book in town. A book that is taking the Berkshires by storm, called‘The Tanglewood Picnic: Music and Outdoor Feasts in the Berkshires.‘  Local author, Gina Hyams has recently culled a collection of stories and recipes from Tanglewood picnic goers, and brought them together in this great little literary creation, bringing readers a [Read the full story …]

Fun Times at Berkshire Paint and Sip

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by

  This past week I had the chance to visit one of the newer businesses to the Berkshires,Berkshire Paint and Sip, on North Street in Pittsfield.  My night of painting coincided with Pittsfield’s 3rd Thursdays, so I was able to enjoy a little bit of pre-painting fun beforehand.  It was a lively night, and North [Read the full story …]

Recent Eats in the Berkshires – Castle Street Cafe

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With the drudgery of the winter behind us(at least, it better be behind us!), I decided to start venturing out and about more to check out some Berkshire places that I have yet to visit, or revisit places that I hadn’t been in awhile.  The Berkshires are becoming a ‘foodie’s mecca’, so I thought that [Read the full story …]

Youth Week at Greylock Federal Credit Union

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Living in a small demographic area, and being a firm believer in a local economy, I really love being a member of a local credit union bank.  There are a lot of wonderful benefits to being a member of a bank like Greylock Federal Credit Union, and one benefit that my family is thoroughly enjoying [Read the full story …]

The magnificence of the Elm Court Estate

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My love for the ‘Cottages of the Berkshires’ began many years ago, when I visited Elm Court, in Stockbridge, for the first time.  Actually, I can’t quite call it visiting, since it was an abandoned estate at the time, and my friends and I, in our teenage days, would sneak onto the property from the [Read the full story …]

Culture in the Berkshires is always fabulous, and often free.

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There are many things to love about the Berkshires, but one of the best assets that the Berkshires can claim is its culture.  We have everything from great museums, to extraordinary musical venues, to historical spots.  And true to the generous spirit that can be found throughout the county, many of these cultural events and [Read the full story …]

Another defunct snowstorm in the Berkshires

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Back in my childhood days, we didn’t get too many warnings for impending snowstorms. You may have heard a weatherman forecast some snow, but until you woke up in the morning and looked out to see a ton of snow, you just went about your life, and then got a surprise snow day. Nowadays, not [Read the full story …]

Locally harvested Chaga is healing me!

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Have you ever heard of Chaga?  Up until a few months ago, neither had I.  But, I now believe that Chaga is one of the most wonderful medicinals to be found … and, it’s natural … and it can be procured locally, right here in the Berkshires!  It can actually be found in nature all [Read the full story …]

Autumn in the Berkshires

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The Berkshires are splendid in any season, but Autumn is an especially nice time of the year to be here.  When the air crisps up, and the leaves start their annual riot of color, it feels as though you are living amidst a story book setting.  The Berkshires epitomize what you think of, when you picture New [Read the full story …]

Shopping Locally and It Feels like Autumn!

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Okay, what is up with this weather?  What happened to my summer?  Definitely not a beach day, so I spent the day in search of a unicycle for my daughter’s birthday.  I first stopped at Plaine’s  bike shop, and though they had many cool  bikes, there were no unicycles to be found.  The person working [Read the full story …]