spring blossoming

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spring daffodils

its springtime in the berkshires, finally….i hope…..the snow has fallen and fallen and fallen this past winter….but now, spring is everywhere, and color is where it shows its face most boldly…the sunny daffodils with their yellows and oranges, hyacinths and other flowers smiling at you with their spring colors…striking forsythias catch your eye as you pass by….but its the ephemeral green that is most soothing to this berkshiregirl’s soul….the subtle varying shades of green, which, just days before had been drab brown are now beautifully lighting up the landscape…and it seems that every day, every hour even, that the brown scenery is becoming more of a distant memory….the birches, poplars and willows are the first trees to open their leaves to the season, but only after most of the bushes have greened up……i’d say within a week, it will look  perfect……

  the animals are another way spring lets you know its here….the canadian geese and robins have been steadily making their way back for a bit now, and the birds dashing past your car without a care, let you know that they are happily mating…the bears are back from their winter slumber, showing up at local bird feeders to satisfy their appetites…

  what all of this does for all of us here in berkshire county, man and beast alike, is to renew the spirit…everywhere i go, i see people and animals frolicking and smiling in the sunshine, taking in all of the beauty of the surrounding scenery….bikes and kayaks are out, people are uncovering last years gardens…animals are basking everywhere i turn, from the ducks and turtles in the wetlands, to the dogs and cats in neighboring yards….this berkshiregirl is thrilled that it is finally warm…i just hope the snow doesnt make any more special appearances for a long while…..  : )

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