my garden in spring

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a garden can be a wonderful treasure, both physically and mentally……gardens have always been a big part of my life, and i enjoy every aspect of it, even the weeding. there is no comparison  between a freshly picked tomato from the garden and one purchased from the local grocery store. i’m sure gardeners throughout the country have their fair share of  seasonal issues and garden mishaps, but i think gardeners in berkshire county have it especially difficult sometimes….the topography of the land is in itself an antagonist.with its undulating hills, rocks, and boulders standing in the way…then there are the animals and insects….the woods and fields of the berkshires are  beautiful to look at, but are also home to every critter known to man in this half of the hemisphere….and those critters certainly love to eat gardens…but of all of the many setbacks to the berkshire gardens, the worst has to be the weather. it teases the berkshire gardener incessantly.we are burrowed under a mountain of snow all winter long, then spring comes hopping along one day, melts the snow and its sunny and beautiful in april…so you get those seeds out, start raking those beds, go to the nurseries and buy your baby plant starts, and happily plant your garden….and for a few weeks it does wonderfully. but inevitably may comes along and slaps you in the face….first the wind starts, then the rain storms….and by the time it is over, your beautiful, little infant garden looks like something the cat dragged in….so, you would think there would be very few gardeners in the berkshires…but, the opposite is true…there are gardens everywhere in this county, big and small….and i for one, have never had a yard without one…and so i sit here, like a glutton for punishment, looking out at the deluge of rain that is now falling, as it destroys my baby heirloom tomatoes….the giant raindrops punching holes through the delicate new leaves….the bright side is that even though there are plenty of rainy and overcast days in the berkshires, there are many more brilliantly warm and sunny ones….and just as the berkshire gardener is resilient and hopeful, the plants themselves tend to be a hardy lot, and more often than not bounce back, and grow even stronger…and in a couple of months, i will be feasting on their delicious bounties…..

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