an upside down sort of spring

Posted on: March 27th, 2012 by
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     ~~ SPRING arrived here in the berkshires in a backwards sort of way, well actually, it arrived in the midst of what should have been winter. though winter, itself, could have been described as spring like this year…..very upside down to say the least….

     winter took its sweet time getting here this year, and it remained so mild throughout the season, that there was hardly a need for winter coats….my kids hats, gloves, snowpants and most of all, sleds, did not see much use this year, much to my children’s dismay….the canadian geese didnt seem to know what to do, and i saw just as many flying north for the winter, as i did flying south….and as slow as winter was to get here, it was as if spring came along in february, and bumped winter right out of the picture….

     so, in winter came our spring…but, it felt more like summer. are you confused yet? i think that february and march probably had every creature, plant and human wondering….the temperatures started nice in february and skyrocketed in march, giving us many upper 70 and low 80 degree days….the birds returned and started mating, the spring ephemerals  burst out of the still hardened ground, and animals came out of their winter hibernation a whole month early…..the fruit trees set their blossoms in march, when they normally do in april…and people started to put on their ‘summer’ faces, where everything in life seems grand…

     of course, this is berkshire county, and we know well enough to be fooled into complacency, and we were just waiting for that fickle berkshire weather to change again….and it has…..the week after it actually turned spring on the calander, we are finally getting a taste of winter weather, with weather in the 30’s…….so, now the birds and animals are searching out warmth, the blossoms on the trees are being threathened with frost, and i have already put away my family’s winter clothes, so we are now bundled in triple layers of summer socks, and pullovers and spring coats… son even resorted to using socks on his hands as mittens yesterday, when he and his sister were having a pass outside….but, i have lived here long enough to know that i just have to stick it out and wait, because inevitably, the weather will do another 360, and i will be back in my flip flops! : )



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