a year without a garden……

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these rainy days always make me think of my vegetable gardens….for as long as I can remember, I have been gardening…cherry tomatoes, in red, gold and greenflowers, fruits, vegetables…if it grows in the northeast, then its for me…and the rain is as necessary as the sun, so when everyone else is complaining about the pouring rains, I am grateful that the baby plants are getting the water that they need, with no help from me….today, as I look out at the rains…I am wistfully looking out at what was once the garden for this home, but now sits raked out, and overtaken by local plant life….I am moving soon, so this will be the first year that I can recall not having a garden of some sort….digging and planting a garden seemed fruitless(pun intended), since I will be gone from here before there would be anything ready to be picked. I thought about planting anyways, and leaving it for the new owners, but then I would feel bad if they weren’t properly cared for or torn out…so, I sit here in this juxtapose position….the avid naturalist, one thousand percent devoted to the idea of growing your own food, medicines, etc. to the person overwhelmed with packing and renovating and making the present house show ready at all times, with two overactive kids, two elderly, very large dogs and two cats(one brand new to the mix)…..so this year, I am aquiecsing and going with the latter of the two….instead, I imagine the garden that should be….garden vegetablesmy grandparents, and great uncles, and friends from far and wide, have taught me much of what I know about the right things to grow to nourish and help my family grow healthy and strong, I look back often to each of them, as I am pinching back a tomato plant to encourage fruiting, or  replanting a ”weed”, that is native to the area, in an area of my yard that will encourage its growth…..and in the end, there are the delicious fruits of all of the labor involved…..sunflowers blooming garden tomatoes baby peas...luckily for  me, I live in the heart of the Berkshires, and growing opportunities are abundant and diverse, pleasing anyone’s palate…….I, myself, find just about every thing that grows here insatiable….as soon as the fiddleheads and asparagus start bursting through the thawed grounds, to the last apples and kale of the season, you can be sure to find me out there picking and helping the next generation  to keep thriving…….I can’t wait to get to my next dwelling, where I can try container gardening…I am hoping to downsize my habitat… and  then, there are always local csa’s….and that is another great thing about the  Berkshires; community gardens are also everywhere to be found, so I can have any size garden I need with those if that’s the route of gardening that I choose…. can’t wait for the sun to shine so that the rain’s abundance of new growth  will show in the bright Berkshire sun……. oh yeah, and strawberry and peach season, which is, um, now….yum………blueberries

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  1. Terry Plumb-Clark had this to say about that:

    Beautifully expressed. When we moved here (the Berkshires) 3 years ago, the sellers of the home we bought had planted and there were still tomatoes, apples and berries for us when we got here. It was wonderful – especially since I’d moved from a hilly, unlevel lot where I’d never been able to have a decent garden. Now, 3 years later, I am a happy gardener, continuing the planting and maintaining our seller’s garden.

    • berkshiregirlonline@gmail.com had this to say about that:

      thanks, terry, that gives me inspiration to start a bit of it! at least some tomatoes and lettuces….I am leaving behind all of my herbs and flowers that I have planted over the years, in hopes that the blooming daffodils will give the new owners a smile after the winters thaw…..

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