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In the Berkshires, we are lucky to have a multitude of wonderful flower shops, and while they are all great stores with plenty to offer, my favorite is the Berkshire Flower Company(https://www.facebook.com/SaveBerkshireFlowerCo ). It is located in an unassuming little, white building on a small strip of land on rt. 7/20, near Mazzeo’s Italian restaurant and the old Dakota restaurant.  The owner, Bridget Brown, first opened the shop in 1987, and her business has flourished over the years, despite a couple of years of disputes with the state, who tried unsuccessfully to reclaim the land that her building sits on.  Pressure from public outcry helped to make sure her business stayed, and it remains a thriving business today.

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The shop itself carries a nice selection of products, which are often purchased for home decoration and also make for some great gifts.  There are beautiful vases and planters, walking sticks, rustic furniture, arbors, statuary and wall decorations.  They also carry many local products, including handmade cards and jewelry.  The products are very unique and interesting, and browsing through the store is always a delight.berkshire flower co13 028

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The highlight of the store, of course, is the unusual selection of plants and flowers that they carry.  Upon entering the store, you are first met with the exquisite smells of the different flowers that permeate through the store.  The stunning visuals of the extraordinary flowers are also a delight.  Many of Bridget’s customers return faithfully,  because they know that they will always find something gorgeous, whether they are buying as a gift or for their own pleasure.  berkshire flower co13 035berkshire flower co13 043berkshire flower co13 045

As well as the wide variety of cut flowers, there are also potted plants and arrangements.  Succulents and select perennials round out the selection available, providing something for every taste.  Bridget can put together something on the spot for you, and is very knowledgeable about what she is selling.  She makes the customer feel welcomed and comfortable with their purchases.berkshire flower co13 048berkshire flower co13 047

Berkshire Flower Company does arrangements for weddings and other events.  They also maintain displays for area businesses, providing them with fresh displays on a regular basis.  They are always adding new products and plants to their store inventory, so customers can always find something new to love.berkshire flower co13 049

If you haven’t visited Berkshire Flower Co., or if it has been a while since you’ve last been, do yourself a favor and make a stop there soon.  You may find that perfect piece of patio furniture or a delightful plant or an amazing gift of fresh flowers for someone. Regardless, you will certainly have a wonderful time shopping!berkshire flower co13 046berkshire flower co13 034berkshire flower co13 041berkshire flower co13 042





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  1. molly brown had this to say about that:

    this is my big sisters shop. me and my ex-husband signed the shop over to her over 20 years ago (we had it as an antique outlet) since then, bridget has created one of the most beautiful, countrified spots to stop and chill along routes 7 & 20. always an exceptional florist, but also an excellent spot to find something new and fun, berkshire flower company is an essential berkshires stop anytime of the year.

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