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stockbridge coffee     Do you visit Stockbridge?  Have you been to Stockbridge Coffee( http://www.stockbridgecoffeeandtea.com/) yet?  If not, you surely should……It’s a teeny, little shop on the first bend of Elm st., and it is one of the few places in the county that I can order a coffee drink, and know that it will be made properly….

One of the only places in south county to get a good coffee drink, Stockbridge coffee offers a bit of down home comfort in the high society that can be Stockbridge…..coffee board at stockbridge coffee


I often stop in, on the way to pick up my kids from school, and I have never been disappointed. The service is individualized, though very quick. I am most likely to order a mocha latte, although there are times when an oolong or other green tea is calling to me.  Its a small shop, with only a few seats for enjoying your coffee in house, and most of its customers stopping in for  ‘to go’  beverages…. I have lounged in there when my parents were in town, and found it to be relaxing and quiet, the perfect interlude to a day of shopping on main st……….stockbridge coffee


There are several coffee and tea based drinks to choose from, all prepared with expertise, and also a cooler with cold beverages, like san pelligrino’s, and I often pick up a couple of those for a nice after school treat for the kids……they have a display case that showcases bakery goods from soma bakery(http://www.somacatering.com/) in Richmond…..there is also a case displaying goods from Harney & sons tea (https://www.harney.com/), Dean’s Beans coffee(http://www.deansbeans.com/), no. 6 coffee(http://sixdepot.com/) and Barrington Coffee(http://www.barringtoncoffee.com/) , all winning brands in my book.

barrington coffeeno.6 depot coffeedean's beansharney and sons tea









So the next time you find yourself passing through Stockbridge, make sure to stop by Stockbridge Coffee and get yourself something delicious! I know that I will be doing just that!


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