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IMG_1297I find myself in great barrington frequently, and when I do, I try to stop into the riverbend café(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Riverbend-Cafe/153859864663251).  It is a ‘look quick or you’ve missed it’ type of place, located out on stockbridge rd., in great barrington.  Once upon a time, they had a different name(which my kids still call it) and only served vegetarian food.   Nowadays, they’ve made a change to the name and serve some non-vegetarian foods, but they are still the same great, little place.order boards at riverbend cafeI will usually head there to pick up a smoothie or fresh fruit juice for the kids after they get out of school.  They love when I show up to pick them up, and have their favorite drinks waiting for them.  Though I am sure they are all pretty tasty, I can only admit to trying a few of their many awesome looking smoothie combinations, because my entire family is hooked on the ‘little luau’, which is a blend of watermelon, peaches and some others, and the taste is good beyond description. Truly.  But, occasionally I stop in by myself for lunch or I will bring the kids for an afternoon outing. We love the veggie burgers, which can be vegan, and my daughter has grown up eating their hummus plate, which she adores. They also offer a selection of soups and sandwiches, daily specials, and breakfast items. As a vegetarian/vegan family, I love that they have scrambled tofu and fake bacon/sausage type meats.  The meals are filling and healthy, and always taste delicious. riverbend cafe, great barringtonYou place your order up at the counter, and then find yourself a spot to sit, either indoors or in the nicer weather, outside in their patio area.  The kids love to sit in the eclectically decorated interior space, where they like to sit in chairs shaped like hands or look at the unique statuary, while they wait for their food.  The atmosphere is friendly and warm, and you will often find mothers with their little ones or business people working on their computers, soaking up the good energy that the place provides.best vegetarian food and smoothiesThey have a great following and have gained notoriety for their good food.  The staff is courteous and kind, which these days, goes a long way with me.  I love that it is a small, independently owned, successful business, run by a woman who knows what her community wants.  I know when I stop in, that I can always find a smile and something good to eat or drink.  When I am not stopping in with the kids or for the kids, I often find myself stopping in for a hot tea and vegan baked goods, or one of their uplifting fresh, energy juices.  Then, I can sit with my iphone and get some work done, in a relaxed setting…..or sometimes, I find myself there, ordering a coffee drink and hiding from life with a good book at one of their back tables.  Summer brings along a whole other facet to the café, when you can take your edibles out back to a seat on the lawn, and watch the wildlife and clouds, as they pass along the riverbanks… the riverbend café may be small in space, but the food and faces will make you smile big, I know it does for me and mine…..

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