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Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by
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snow in the berkshiresTonight’s forecast for the weather is an approaching storm, hopefully dumping a bunch of snow on us by morning….I am so ready for it. We have had a few light dustings, and one good snow storm this year already, but they were followed by unusually warm(68 degrees in December!) bouts of weather, so the snow didn’t stay long, and it certainly wasn’t a white Christmas this year, so I will be more than happy to see some of the fluffy stuff.


It’s always funny when there is an impending storm in New England. Not haha funny, but more of a quirky funny.  It has been snowing in massive amounts around here forever.  It’s not as though it is an unusual occurrence to wake up and be faced with large amounts of snow on the porches, steps and roads.  We deal with it all of the time, so we are well versed at cleaning it up and getting around in it.  But, there are times that it gets a bit precarious, even for the most seasoned of us northerners.  It’s during those times when I usually find myself questioning town and school officials as they make their decisions concerning closings due to snow…….the towns close the public libraries when there is even a threat of snow, no matter if the snow only ends up accumulating to a quarter inch, but they will wait to plow the side streets, after a huge snowstorm, until a day after the fact….the schools on the other hand will either wait until the last second( like 6 am) to cancel, or won’t cancel at all, and we will get a foot of snow and have to drive(or the school buses) in dire circumstances.  I just don’t get it.  How can they not  be a little better at predicting these things? Not quite sure how what criteria they are looking for,  so I will be waiting(probably until 6am) to see what direction they go this time,  and if the kids will be getting a little extension of their holiday vacation, as tomorrow should be their first day back since the Christmas holiday began.  I myself, am crossing my fingers, throwing salt over my shoulder and anything else I can think of  to get us another day of some wonderful family time! Let’s all get a collective effort going for old man snow!!

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