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massage therapyA good massage can take away the world’s problems and make you feel fresh and new.  A great massage leaves you with a little something serene that you carry with you, into the days following the massage, and your body feels lighter and looser than it had previously.  A really great massage will do all of the above, and leave you longing for more, and you reminisce about the massage long after the almond scented oils have faded away. I think one of the most thoughtful gifts that someone can give, especially Valentine’s day( hint, hint), is a great massage….. I have been lucky enough to experience more than my share of good massages, and even quite a few really fantastic ones, too.  Since I make it a point to learn everything that I can about this place that I call home, I have, of course, explored as many of the local spas and healing arts centers as I my wallet will allow, so have learned which ones have that certain something, and which ones definitely do not.


As is the usual occurrence in my life, I experienced the best right off the bat, and spent a lot of time trying to recreate that magical moment.  My very first professional massage, was at Lenox Myotherapy, and to this day remains the best therapy that I have ever known.  If you have never been, there is not quite a description that fits it accurately, but you should definitely do yourself a favor, and make yourself an appointment.  I have also enjoyed massages at other local places, such as Cranwell resort and spa(http://www.cranwell.com/spa-fitness) and Mepal Manor and spa(which is sadly out of business now).  Then there was a blissful overnight at  Blantyre(a relais and chateaux), which was followed up with a spa day at The Potting Shed(http://blantyre.com/spa/overview/) , which is  their onsite spa. My Blantyre spa day certainly ranks as one of the most luxurious times that I have ever spent….overindulged with pampering and Dove ice cream bars, it certainly would make an over the top Valentine’s day gift for someone.  I have also been to day spas in the area, and have had decent to good massages, but not good enough to recommend.  Kripalu center for Yoga and Health(http://www.kripalu.org/healing_arts/13/?device=c&network=g&matchtype=b&gclid=CLLe5_uXtbwCFUhgMgod52AAmQ) has a healing arts center, and though the massage and therapy sessions that I experienced were wonderful and I felt the therapists were highly trained and very knowledgeable, I think the healing arts center itself is a bit too institutional feeling, which takes away from that serenity that one usually seeks with a massage.


I have had massages all around the country, on vacations, islands and cruise ships, but the best of all still remains the place that I had my very first professional massage.  Lenox Myotherapy is a small building on Church St., in Lenox, and though they are not big on formalities(there is usually nobody there to greet you, and the décor might throw some people off), they are really big on making you feel great.  From the warm greeting you are met with, from owner Christine Ford and her friendly pups, to the amazing fireplace room( that she keeps stoked at an absolute perfectly warm temperature), to the amazing massage, it is truly a one of a kind experience.  The techniques that she uses masterfully take each and every pain away and soothes muscles that didn’t know they needed soothing.  For days afterward, your body just keeps thanking you for such a great experience.  Really. Well, maybe not, but you will feel magical.   Sure, there is chocolate, and flowers, and many other wonderful gifts that you could get your loved one for Valentine’s day, but I think the best way to show someone that you care, is to give them a gift that will make them feel fabulous. I think a massage is exactly that.  Although, I will gladly take a box of chocolates to go along with the massage.   🙂



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