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There was a time, that finding a good breakfast in the Berkshires was a pretty easy task for me.  That was back when a fantastic café existed and I still ate dairy and eggs.  The café was one of the few places in the county that you could get a delicious, gourmet(but still ‘down home’ tasting) meal for breakfast or lunch.  Sadly, they closed last year,  taking my main ‘go to’ breakfast place out of the picture.  About the same time, I made the full switch from vegetarian to vegan, effectively eliminating just about any place to get a good breakfast.  I have been mostly cooking at home, because I can make some really good pancakes and breakfast casseroles.  My scrambled tofu is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself, but I really don’t like to cook so much.  Eating at a restaurant is always a good idea to me, so this past week, I went on a journey to find myself a new breakfast spot.



my version of scrambled tofu

 I have already been to the majority of restaurants that have been around this area for awhile, so I discounted most of them in my search, already  knowing what I could expect if I went.  I excitedly tried a couple of places that I had either read about, or heard through word of mouth.  One place was good, and had a decent(though pricey) menu, but totally messed up my vegan meal.  Another place was just plain horrible, and another had great service, but terrible quality food.  But, since Berkshiregirl only likes to mention the best places, I won’t be giving anyone any bad business with a name mention.  The one place that I found so far, that was clean, had good service and good food, was The Kitchen on the Commons(, in the spot  that everyone in the Berkshires still calls ‘the Lenox Country Shops’.  It was a quest for scrambled tofu that brought me there, as I was now on an enthusiastic search for this breakfast dish, and it happens to be on their menu. the kitchenI was also glad to see that they are open seven days a week, and that they serve breakfast all day, as it was a Monday, and nearing the lunch hour.  We went in, expecting a wait, but with the ample amount of seating in the place, we were led to our table as soon as we  entered.  It was an odd experience for me, walking into the place, as it had once upon a time been the spot of  my family’s coffee shop.  Seeing this thriving business where mine used to be, left me a little melancholy, but also sent a lot of good memories flooding back to me.   The décor is dramatically different than when it was a coffee shop, and I thought it looked fresh and clean, which is a huge plus for me.the kitchen seatingThe waitress was very friendly, in that Berkshire kind of way, and she was patient with me, as I asked a litany of questions about the vegan options.  Their menu is fairly extensive, and they have several unique options.  They serve house made veggie tempeh bacon and also offer a veggie hash, a huge score for any vegetarian in these parts.  The one unfortunate was that their tofu scramble turned out to be not what I was looking for, so I wasn’t able to satisfy my craving that day, but they had so many other delicious options, that I had no problem finding something to order.


I went with a lunch option of a hummus and olive plate, served with bagel chips, and a side of hand cut fries.  My friend decided on a breakfast dish, and ordered eggs over veggie hash, with a hollandaise sauce on top, and served with home fries and toast.  We decided to share an order of the veggie bacon between us and coffees for both.  Tasty coffee came soon after ordering, and was served in a big, hearty mug.  Can you see all of these pluses that are adding up for me?   Our meals came out within minutes, with just enough time to enjoy a few minutes of conversation.  My meal looked average, as it was only a hummus plate(ordered off of the ‘sides’ on the menu), but tasted great.  Everything is made on premises, including my hummus, and they make efforts to use as many local ingredients as possible.  My friend dove into his meal, and it took a couple of minutes before I could get him to stop eating long enough to give me his opinion on how it tasted. The eggs looked expertly cooked, were served atop a veggie hash, was drizzled with hollandaise and had a light dusting of spices on the top.  An ample helping of homefries and toast completed the good looking meal.  He said it was one of the best egg dishes that he has had in a very long time. the kitchen eggs with veggie hashthe kitchen olive and hummusthe kitchen tempeh bacon


They are open every day and serve breakfast and lunch until 3pm.  Conveniently located between Lenox and Pittsfield, it makes it an ideal place to head when you are looking for a fantastic and moderately priced meal.  In the warmer months, they offer outside seating, so you can take in the beautiful Berkshire views while you eat.  I, myself, will be venturing there again very soon, this time to try one of their delectable looking sandwiches.  And who knows, maybe I can even convince them to make me the scrambled tofu dish that I am so craving!



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4 Responses to Finding a good breakfast in the Berkshires

  1. Summer Mikaitis had this to say about that:

    Nice job on reviewing a place that meets our dietary needs.

  2. Jerry Waxberg had this to say about that:

    Many thanks for your breakfast review. I too am a strict vegan, plus I don’t have any oils or nuts, so it’s a challenge. But I don’t mind. I have a home in West Stockbridge, and we are there from mid May to mid October. I enjoy your blog. Please let me know of Berkshire area restaurants that are vegan friendly. Many thanks. Jerry

    • had this to say about that:

      Thanks, Jerry! I am definitely always on the look out for places to get good vegan food in the Berkshires, and I will keep an extra eye out for choices that don’t include oils/nuts, and I will let you know any that I come across! 🙂

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