A visit to Peter Alvarez Salon in Lenox

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Like most women, I am fickle about my hair.  Of course, I am the opposite of most women, who visit hair stylists on a regular basis, and use products and implements to get their hair just right.  I never used to cut my hair, it just grew to its natural state, and I loved it.  I didn’t color or style it any special way, it just seemed to look okay, all on its own. I had gone to hair salons, on rare occasions, in my life, but had always been hugely disappointed with the end result, so I have always just thought it best to let my hair be its natural self.   But, last year, after having some health issues, I suddenly became unhappy with the way my hair looked, so I did what any other odd person in my shoes would do.  I started chopping it.


I chopped a little here.  I chopped a little there.  Then, I even got a bit of advice from someone in the business, who told me to tilt my head forward when cutting, to get a good angle.  Well, I got an angle, but it sure wasn’t any angle that I wanted on my head.  With growing frustration, I decided color was what it needed, so I went and got one of those grocery store boxes of color, and added it to my horrible cutting job.  The result was a head of chopped hair, that now had brassy coloring to it.  I was now at my wit’s end with it, and was so embarrassed by it, that I would only leave my house with a hat on.  Then, just as I was about to chop it all off, I was fortunate enough to get an appointment at Peter Alvarez Salon(http://peteralvarez.com/).


Now, I know that I could have made an appointment at any time, at  any salon.  But, like I said, I have walked out of one too many salons with tears in my eyes, because I hated what was done to my hair.  I had always known of Peter Alvarez Salon through word of mouth, because so many of my friends and colleagues have had wonderful experiences there, so I was so excited to get an appointment.  I knew that if anyone could fix the mess that I had created, it would be him!Peter Alvarez Salon


Arriving at the shop, I was warmly welcomed and offered a nice drink.  The shop itself is small, but visually stimulating.  The décor is rich and whimsical, making you feel both at home and like you are in a sumptuous spa at the same time.  Peter was quick to get busy on my hair, having it first washed by his assistant, and then expertly cut by himself.  He is a master at his work, and I really felt more like a canvas for an artist, rather than a person getting a haircut.  He put style into my hair that I didn’t know could even be there and fixed every mistake that I had created, without sacrificing my length, which was the one thing that I cared most about.  Next, he applied color, and took away all of the brassiness I had added, bringing it back to the natural color it was before I started ruining my hair. Jane Iredal make up, Peter Alvarez Saloninside of Peter Alvarez Salon


Peter Alvarez Salon, is a full service hair salon, serving both adults and children.  I saw several men come in for cuts, while I was being treated, so it definitely isn’t one of those salons that caters solely to women.  They offer gift cards, a full line of premium hair products and are open year round.  As the place is extremely popular, it is best to make your appointment as far in advance as you can, as they tend to be booked solid most of the time.


When it was done and the assistant had given my hair a style blow out, I felt like an entirely new person.  So grateful in fact, that I had to stop and give Peter a big hug for helping me to feel good again.  I made my next appointment already, so that I have something wonderful to look forward to and keep me on track with looking good, and there will definitely be no more hats for me.  Even in the freezing Berkshire winter air, I feel too good about my hair to cover it up!Peter Alvarez Salon

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4 Responses to A visit to Peter Alvarez Salon in Lenox

  1. Nancy Fremont had this to say about that:

    Hi! I’m also an Alvarez devotee.

    I can’t help responding to your use of the word “servicing” as a transitive verb when what you most likely mean is “serving.”

    A mechanic services a vehicle. A bull services a cow. . .

    I may try the tonic.

    • berkshiregirlonline@gmail.com had this to say about that:

      Hi! Thank you for the editorial help. I am my own editor, so I am sometimes so focused on the punctuation and technical aspects, that my verbage slips past me. Peter and his employees do amazing work, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!
      Best wishes,

  2. Nancy Fremont had this to say about that:

    I thought you said my eMail would not be published. . .

    • berkshiregirlonline@gmail.com had this to say about that:

      I think that you replied in the comments section, which does get published. If you replied in the email form(found on the front page of my blog or on my ‘hire me’ page), and it somehow got sent to the comments, I apologize and will correct it.

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