Froyo heaven at Ayelada…..

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Like many other things, the Berkshires were slow to welcome the frozen yogurt phenomenon to our area.  Since it has arrived however, it has become a standard business in almost every big town in the county.  They are all fine and well, I mean, who doesn’t like yummy froyo with tons of tasty toppings piled on?  But, out of all of the frozen yogurt shops that I have visited, one definitely stands out from all of the rest.  Ayelada(, in Pittsfield.


Ayelada was later arriving to the Berkshires than many of the other froyo shops, but has quickly been noticed as the place to go when you want the best.  Most froyo shops use a bagged mixture to make their different varieties of froyo, but Ayelada makes their frozen yogurt fresh, every day, and they use only the best ingredients.  Their yogurt and milk comes from local dairy farms, and they source as many of their ingredients from local places, whenever they can.  Ayelada Frozen Yogurt


They usually offer a rotation of four different flavors, making for some difficult decision making, especially for the kids.  They blend some of the tastiest flavors that I have ever seen, including passion fruit, salted caramel, and my favorite, Creamsicle.  When you have decided on a flavor, you are then presented with a multitude of toppings that you can add.  They always have a great selection of fresh fruits, flavored bobas(little, flavored, pearl shaped tapioca balls), and a huge selection of candies, cookies, pretzels, etc., and they are not skimpy at all with the toppings.  They also charge by the size, and number of toppings, as opposed to other froyo shops, that charge by weight, and this ends up making Ayelada not only better than the other froyo shops, but also cheaper.


My kids are very enamored with the place, and even though we live in Stockbridge, and I am eating vegan, so can no longer indulge in their yumminess, I find myself making the drive to Pittsfield at least once a week, so the kids can have their favorite treat.  Now, if only I can convince them to make a vegan version ….

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  1. Karen Gundersheimer had this to say about that:

    Is this available in Wiilliamstown, and where?
    Sounds excellent!

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