Winter snow in the Berkshires

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Snow means different things to different people around New England.  Kids,  of course think the more the better, and will gladly spend hours playing in the frigid temperatures.  There are the outdoor sports enthusiasts, who pray for the fluffy stuff, so they can get out on the slopes or hit the trails.  Then there are those of us, who are either just muddling through, praying for spring, or hiding out inside, and enjoying the view of the snow from behind a window.  I, myself, have seen all of these stages and I have to admit, that in the past few years, I have been mostly in the latter group.Berkshire snow

Kids are thrilled with snow, because it’s something different.  There’s sledding and snowball fights, and hot cocoa from Mom when you finally head inside.  Then, there is the added excitement of the possibility of snow days.  Nothing says winter to a kid more than a snow day.  It’s unplanned, so the possibilities of fun are endless, and there are no expectations, so you get to have unencumbered fun.snow in the Berkshires

People flock to the Berkshires from all over, to enjoy this snowy land.  There are several ski resorts to keep the skiers and snowboarders happy.  There are hundreds of miles of trails for those with snowmobiles or snowshoes.  There are frozen ponds for skating and ice fishing.  The main streets of the towns stay bustling with shoppers, who never seem to mind the winter winds whipping at their faces.winter in the Berkshires

In the past few years, mostly due to health issues, my outdoor time has been very limited during the colder months, so by the end of the winter season, I am eager to get out in the sunshine, and breathe in real, fresh air.  I long to play with the kids outside, hike with my dog and just to be outdoors.  As much as there is to do in the snowy months, there are a million more activities when the snow is gone.  Kayaking, beaches, outdoor events and festivals … these are my kind of fun.


This winter, though, has been the winter that just won’t end.  It was bad enough that it was frigid, and we got snowstorm after snowstorm dumped upon us, but the fact that the first day of spring has come and went and is still feeling like deep winter, just isn’t cutting it for me.  Instead of pulling out my sundresses and dusting off my hoola hoops, I am still piling on my winter attire every time I have to leave the house.  What’s up winter?  I mean, I know everyone and everything loves the Berkshires, but this is getting ridiculous.  The robins want to see grass.  The mating wildlife seem utterly confused by it.  Events are having to change their plans to fit the weather.  I am getting stir crazy, being cooped up in the house for so long.  This is just plain unfair, Mother Nature.  Please bring back my warm Berkshires!  spring flowers in the Berkshires


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  1. grier horner had this to say about that:

    I’m with you Berkshire Girl. Bring on the Spring.

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