“Our Time” cabaret night at the Whitney Center for the Arts

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'Our Time' at the Whitney Center for the ArtsThis past weekend, I attended one of the Whitney Center for the Arts events, this one being a wonderful night of cabaret.  Featuring singer and pianist, Ron Ramsay and singer, Samantha Talora, “Our Time” was a fabulous night of songs, both poignant and humorous.Flowers at the Whitney Center for the Arts

The gallery, which had been transformed into a lovely cabaret setting, was already packed with people when I arrived.  I made my way to a little café table in the back of the room, where my colleagues from the blogging world were already sitting.  With just enough time to order a glass of wine, the evening began.menu from Cabaret night at the Whitney Center for the ArtsIntroductions were given by Ghazi Kazmi and Joseph Sicotte, and then the music began, appropriately with a song entitled, ‘Our Time‘.  Ramsay and Talora entertained the crowd with renditions of songs from Broadway and songs from popular entertainers, such as ‘You’ve got a friend’, by Carole King.  Many of the song choices were lighthearted and comical, including one that Talora sang of her love for ‘Taylor, the latte boy‘.  The crowd, was highly entertained and there was an overall jovial feeling in the room, as the singers sang and joked, and the audience reveled the night away.Ron Ramsay and Samantha Talora


Along with songs like the catchy “Ticky Tacky” song from the television show, ‘Weeds‘, there were tunes that were touching and meaningful, as the two captivated the audience with their remarkable voices.  There were also stories mixed in to the line up, of the times that were spent by both in New York City.  These stories elicited laughter from the audience, but some were also thought provoking, which I thought made for a perfectly rounded show.

Ron Ramsay blowing out candles on birthday cake

As it was also the week of Ramsay’s birthday, the final act of the night was a celebration of him, complete with a birthday cake with candles to blow out.  The night ended with a rousing applause for such an imaginative and entertaining event, and the singers made their way around the gallery, speaking with audience members and lending an even more intimate feel to the night.


birthday cake at the whitney center for the artsThe two intend to take their show on the road, and this weekend’s shows were a preview of what is to come.  If these shows were any indication of their success, ‘Our Time‘, will surely prosper and delight crowds everywhere!



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