Crispina’s Scrap Bag Challenge

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dolphin studiosLast month, when local business woman and upcycler extraordinaire, Crispina Ffrench, sent out an open invitation for a ‘Scrap Bag Challenge’, I knew that I had to be in on it.  I have always loved crafting and creating, and though I am by no means a master seamstress ( or even a moderately talented one, for that matter!), I love to play with and make things from fabric.  I even have a reputation among my friends for being slightly addicted to fabric!  I am also an avid environmentalist, so the thought of making something from someone else’s throw away scraps, made this challenge extra exciting to me.scraps for Crispina's scrapbag challenge


The rules of the challenge were simple enough.  Crispina would send participants a box of random scraps from her shop.  In return, participants would use the scraps to create something new, post a few pictures of the progression  on her Facebook page and answer a few questions that she sent along in emails.fabric scraps


Happily, I was one of the fifty people who would be participating.  Because I’m local and her business at Shire City Sanctuary was nearby, I didn’t wait for her to mail the scraps, and instead went to pick them up.  At home, I eagerly opened my box to find what surprise scraps were waiting for me. Crispina's scrap box challenge


The box was filled with great pieces of fabric, some better than others.  There was a top part of a skirt, a random string of buttons, and many good sized, easily useable pieces.  There were also quite a few that I had no idea what to do with, but decided to just start creating, with no real rhyme or reason to any of it.Crispina's scrap bag challenge


The skirt went together easily, as I simply had to add some pieces to the bottom to complete it.  I went with a patchwork design, as I had my young, ‘hippy’ type niece in mind to give it to when it was done.  I then started to make a matching warm poncho to fit her baby.  This was not quite as easy, as the scrap pieces were smaller, and I had to do quite a bit of piecing it together to make it work.   I then went on to make a satchel, with pockets on the inside and the outside.  I have made many of these types of satchels in the past, so this one was also a no-brainer.  By now, I was left with a pile of mismatched scraps, some being colors that I abhor.  I decided that I would make those into catnip filled cat toys, as I figured the cats wouldn’t  be too picky about what colors they got, as long as there was catnip involved!  I ran out of time before I got to use up the last of the scraps, but plan on turning them into some sort of patchwork pillow. toddler ponchoScrap box challenge, pocket satchel


Though I am glad that I signed up for the challenge, and thought I would have tons of time to complete my projects, as usual, life got in my way much more than I had anticipated.  The deadline for completing the projects fell on the same week that I had relatives in from out of town, major writing deadlines for my job and packing my son up to go out of town with his school.  So, I left my sewing machine on my dining room table all week, and squeezed in the sewing and creating whenever I had a free minute.  But, when all was said and done, I was able to get my ‘life’ stuff done, and still finish some pretty decent projects with my scraps.  I’m now looking forward to seeing what others have created with their scraps and the virtual Earthday art show that Crispina will be putting up online.  Do you craft or sew?  Would you have been interested in a challenge like this?  I am always interested to know about people’s crafty minds!catnip filled toys from scrapbag challenge

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  1. grier horner had this to say about that:

    The things you made were very creative and very cool.

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