A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout

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naturally catering and takeoutToday, I ventured to Pittsfield for the sole purpose of stopping into Naturally Catering & Takeout, the new place at Berkshire Organics.  The owner is chef Aura Whitman, and she is the former owner of my favorite café in the Berkshires (which is now defunct), so I knew that I had to check out her new place.sign board at naturally catering and takeout


The new area is adjacent to Berkshire Organics, and is set up for Aura’s new business, as well as a butcher shop and a small bakery.  It is a large space, accommodating the businesses nicely, and Aura’s space is decorative and welcoming.  My first peek into the refrigerated cases had me staring at a vegan stuffed pepper, so I knew that I was going to love her new business. She uses fresh ingredients, many of the same products sold at Berkshire Organics.  I love a place that uses fresh and local ingredients, so this made me want to patronize this place even more than just for the delicious food.


vegan food at naturally catering and takeoutFreshly made soupsThere are several cases filled with take out foods, for those wanting something quick to grab and go, and prepared foods that you can take home for those nights that you don’t want to cook, but still want delicious food.  There is also a counter where you can order the specials of the day.  There are sign boards letting you know what’s on the menu for the day, and if today was any indication of how appetizing the future menus will be, I think her foods will please the masses immensely.daily specials at Naturally Catering and TakeoutFreshly made food at Naturally Catering and Takeout


“Grilled Cheese on Berkshire Sourdough, Rawson Brook Farm Chevre, olive tapanade & Sun dried tomatoes & organic arugula” … that is just one of the specials today, and my mouth was watering when I read it this morning on Facebook.  I love that it is casual food, but done so differently than the average food place.


local syrup at Naturally Catering and TakeoutI inquired as to whether you could special order something, and they were very accommodating and said that as long as they had the ingredients, they could make anything for you.  I am vegan, and as much as I wanted to break my diet for the day, if only to enjoy that delectable grilled cheese that I had read about, I chose a vegan option that wasn’t on the daily specials.  Aura made me a sandwich on ciabatta, filled to the brim with fresh vegetables, and sautéed onion, mushroom and I think, leek? Whatever was on it, it tasted fantastic.  This was no surprise to me, as her cooking has always tasted amazing.  vegan sandwich at naturally catering and takeout


Naturally Catering & Takeout also does catering, and I am assuming that this will be a big part of her business, because if you are in need of a caterer, why wouldn’t you choose the best there is? And judging from the feedback that I have heard about the place, I am not by a longshot the only one who thinks that.  If you are in Pittsfield, do yourself a favor and stop into Berkshire Organics( which is a fantastic market in its own right), and pay Aura a visit.  Your taste buds will thank you. naturally catering and takeout

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2 Responses to A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout

  1. Sara Belleau had this to say about that:

    Thanks for sharing the post, I hadn’t realized the take-out food section was open yet. I’ll have to stop in and try it. Are there tables and chairs or is it strictly food to go? Thanks!

    • berkshiregirlonline@gmail.com had this to say about that:

      Hi Sara, Sorry for the late reply… The take out section has some tasty items, and I don’t think that tables are allowed inside(that would make it more of a restaurant), but think they have picnic tables outside in the summertime. 🙂

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