Berkshiregirl talks with Noel Prophet, of ‘Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few’.

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Starving Artist Cafe and CreperieThe other day, I was in a local coffee shop, and happened to run into Noel Prophet, a local musician and actor. We both had some free time, so I was able to sit with him over a cup of coffee, where I found out more about his new project, Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few.

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For those of you not familiar with Noel, you may remember his local reggae band back in the 90’s, called Dredi. This was arguably one of the best and most popular bands in our area.  As a huge reggae fan, I know that I made my way to as many of their shows as I could back then, dancing away to the reggae beats that filled the Berkshire skies. But Dredi dismantled, and I have only kept in touch with one of the original members over the years.  So, I was happy to hear that Noel is coming back around, with a new gig on the music scene.


He is calling it, ‘Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few’, and is basically an evolving group that changes each time they play.   Sometimes, it may just be Noel up on the stage, performing self written songs, and sometimes there are others who join him, with their instruments or their voices(or sometimes both).  Former bandmate from Dredi, Bryan House, is most frequently a part of the ‘faithless few’, joining in with his bass guitar and vocals.  The music is mostly down home Americana type music, or as Noel refers to it, Blue Folk(which is not blues/folk, but a new genre of folk music altogether).  They will play reggae, and other types of music if the audience requests it, but Noel says that this time around, it’s more about the words and the sounds, not necessarily to get the crowds dancing to a particular kind of beat or music. He credits Elvis Costello and Joe Strummer of The Clash as early inspirations that helped form his personal style in music.


As his tour rolls through the summer, he will be bringing his show to several area venues.  After listening to his newer stuff online, I am excited to check Noel out at one of the shows coming nearer to me. Here is a line up of some of the shows coming to the Berkshires:

~Friday, 5/23….Dewey Hall , Sheffield…7pm

~Saturday, 6/7… The Brickhouse Pub , Housatonic…9pm

~Thursday, 6/19…Down County Social Club , Sheffield…8pm

~Saturday, 7/5…Key West Lounge , North Adams…9pm

~Wednesday,7/16…Dottie’s Coffee Lounge , Pittsfield…7-9pm

Soul Prophet and the Faithless Few are available for events, private venues, and other shows. Check out his music online, support your local venues by going to see him and get your groove on( I know I will be!)!



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    You are a rock star!


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