Berkshire County’s newest aerial adventure park is amazing!

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courses at Ramblewild A new aerial adventure park is opening soon in the Berkshires, and this Berkshiregirl got a sneak peek last week!  I have done basic aerial courses in the past, and have seen the different aerial parks around the county, so I was wondering if I would find anything unique at this new place, Ramblewild.  Little did I know, that I would find just about everything to be different and exciting at Ramblewild!


The drive up to Lanesborough, where the park is located, was a beautifully scenic ride, and the day was sunny and bright(though a bit chilly). Pulling into the place, the first thing you see is the log home style lodge that greets visitors when they arrive.  This is where you can purchase your tickets, sit by the beautiful fireplace, or visit the gift shop.  From there you head up a trail to the aerial park, where you stop at the ‘harness shed’ to get properly fitted for your harness gear.  After a quick demonstration on how to get through the courses, you are on your way to some serious fun!

Ramblewild, Lanesborough

There are eight courses for different skill levels, but they all look like a blast!  With climbing walls, tunnels and other obstacles to test your abilities, there is something to entice just about anyone.  I was getting more and more excited the further down the courses we went.  I happened to have my kids with me that day, and they couldn’t  wait to get their chance to check out the courses for real, instead of from below on the ground as we walked.  They were begging me to go online and buy tickets before we even left the trails.Main platform at Ramblewild


The aerial park is especially interesting to me, because they are following the strictest of environmental standards, with much of their land being protected.  Even the aerial courses are designed in such a way as to not harm the trees that they are built upon. Most of the courses face the south side of the mountain, so sunlight is plentiful to light up the courses, and add some extra warmth to the cool mountaintop.  They lease part of their land to the electric company, who has wind turbines collecting renewable energy for the company.  In the winter months, they have an intensive, state of the art maple harvesting system, which will provide Ramblewild with another avenue of business, with its syrup sales. ramblewild


I will certainly be returning at some point this summer, to try my hand at a few of the courses, along with my kids, who are just the right height to be allowed on some of the more difficult courses.  There is a uniquely designed two hundred foot suspension bridge that is something that can only be found at Ramblewild, and there is supposedly a kayak, suspended in the trees, for a zip line ride in a kayak. I am sure it will be an adventure filled day, no matter which courses I traverse.suspension bridge at Ramblewild


Ramblewild will be opening soon, and they plan to use an online reservation system for booking.  Groups are welcome, and group discounts are available, making it the perfect destination for a summer camp, church group or school to visit.  Have you ever been challenged by an aerial park? Was it the time of your life, or were you nerve wracked like me( I don’t love heights, lol)?



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