Berkshiregirl reviews the most luxurious Berkshire Blanket ever!

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In my wide circle of friends and family, I am well known for my love of the Berkshire Blanket company.  I have purchased several of their blankets and sheet sets over the years, for myself, and as gifts for others.  Last year, when they presented me with an opportunity to be one of their ‘Comfort Connoisseurs'(basically, a product reviewer for Berkshire Blanket), I was more than happy to accept.  So, periodically, they will send me a blanket to try out, or ask me my opinion about one of their other products.Velvet Loft Blanket from Berkshire Blanket


A couple of weeks ago, they were promoting their newest addition to their line, the Velvet Loft Heavyweight Blanket with Satin Binding .  Now, I really, truly love all of their products, they are cozier and hold up better than any other blanket that I have ever owned.  So, when I saw the new Velvet Loft blanket, I thought they had created it just for me, Berkshiregirl !  I mean, they were even featuring a blanket that was eggplant colored … my favorite color of all!

Velvet Loft Blanket from Berkshire Blanket

About a week after seeing it online, I was lucky enough to receive one in the mail.  When I opened it, I noticed right away that the eggplant color was even more vibrant than it had appeared online.  It has such rich and sumptuous tones, making it one of the most appealing blankets ever to cross my eyes.  I am a sucker for color, so right away I knew this was the perfect blanket for me.Berkshire Blanket

Tucker on a Berkshire Blanket

Pulling it out of its package, I was immediately impressed with the softness of the blanket.  It feels just like crushed velvet, which to me, is one of the best feelings there is. When I put it on my bed, it draped nicely over the sides, which many blankets tend not to do.  It was queen sized, and fit amply over my bed.  Sleeping that night, I noticed that it was a little warmer than my other Berkshire Blankets, so much so, that I had to strip back my comforter.  But, the blanket with just a sheet was perfectly warm, without the bulk. The next day, I took off the comforter, and put a light coverlet on top of the blanket instead.  With part of the Velvet Loft blanket exposed, it didn’t take my kitties long to find a new favorite spot in the house.  Velvet Loft Heavyweight Blanket


I think my Extra Fluffy Throw from Berkshire Blanket, will always be my favorite, as I can cuddle anywhere with it, whether on a couch, in a car or on my bed, but the new Velvet Loft Heavyweight Blanket has certainly earned the title of new favorite bed blanket for me. And I am still swooning over the color and comfort of it. You really should check this blanket out, you will be thrilled, I’m sure. Do you have any Berkshire Blankets? What do you think of them?


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*Though this blanket was sent to me free of charge, I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review, and all thoughts are truly my own, and I only post reviews that I truly love. If you would like me to review a local product or business of yours, you can email me at:





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