A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl

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Berkshire HillsWhen I started my berkshiregirl blog and Facebook page, I was doing it for my own entertainment.  I have a huge love and fascination for the Berkshires and I’m currently in the process of writing a book based on the Berkshires.  So, I am always learning new tidbits and historical facts, and of course, I like to share that knowledge, which meant that I was always writing about the Berkshires on my personal Facebook page, until my friends, not so subtly, asked me to start a separate page to put my Berkshire information on. Hey, I can take a hint! 🙂  So, that’s how it all began a couple of years ago, and to this day, I find that it is still evolving.


I am known to be shy, so this page was a way to share with everyone, but still keep ‘me’ in the background.  I really just love to share all of the local things, places, events, etc. with everyone else that I come across.  I enjoy all of the modern day fun that makes the Berkshires the Berkshires, but I also really love the  historical side of these hills.  So, you will just as easily find me exploring an estate (or ‘ Berkshire Cottage’s, as they were known as in former years) or searching out a stone wall in the middle of some overgrown woodland, as you are to find me shopping on Railroad Street, in Great Barrington, with my kids or taking in an art show, in Pittsfield.Berkshire Woods

I hope that  my Facebook posts and these pages bring enjoyment to whoever is looking at them, and hope that you will continue to follow as this ‘berkshiregirl’ makes her way through life in the Berkshires!  Railroad Street, Great Barrington



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6 Responses to A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl

  1. Elizabeth Van Schaick had this to say about that:

    Hey! Great blog. I look forward to hearing more info. My cousin Pieter and wife Suzie live near Pittsfield, and my husband and I love to visit up there. We have been so impressed with the wonderful balance of relaxation and calm AND plenty of things to do and explore if you want. We’ll be up there on Thursday!!

  2. Jay S Zeif had this to say about that:

    Enjoyed article. Have traveled extensively
    yet Berkshires is most loved place. While I
    currently live in Florida I am most greatful
    that our children feel the same and have moved
    back “home”. We are most happy to visit them
    again and…again…and again.

  3. sandra had this to say about that:

    Hi there,

    probably the only reader from far away (Germany) but a huge Berkshires fan.
    If you have finished your book… please share the details! Do you write fiction or something like a guide? Doesn’t matter to me… would buy it 🙂

    • berkshiregirlonline@gmail.com had this to say about that:

      Hi there! Haven’t finished my book yet, but hope to have it published soon. It will be an all inclusive book on the Berkshires past and present, and I may put out a smaller Berkshire guide a bit sooner. Thanks for following along on my website, and if you are on Facebook, make sure to check out my Berkshiregirl page!

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