Another defunct snowstorm in the Berkshires

Posted on: January 27th, 2015 by

Back in my childhood days, we didn’t get too many warnings for impending snowstorms. You may have heard a weatherman forecast some snow, but until you woke up in the morning and looked out to see a ton of snow, you just went about your life, and then got a surprise snow day. Berkshire snow Nowadays, not only do we not only get warnings days ahead of time from weather forecasters, but the media will hype up just about any amount of snowfall.  This latest ‘storm’ has basically the entire northeast shut down. They have told us it would be ‘the storm of the century’, and ‘an unprecedented storm’… people were emptying store shelves to stock up their pantries, schools were closed before snow even started to fall, flights to the northeast were cancelled, even the mail(forget the old adage ‘through rain and sleet’, etc.)cancelled their deliveries for the day. A travel ban was put in effect, limiting travel to those who need to be on the roads(ambulances, plow trucks, etc.).  When everyone went to bed last night, they expected to find themselves buried in from the snow.  And what did we awake to? Light flurries and a couple of inches on the ground.  snow in the berkshiresCan you imagine how much money has been lost to families, and the economy in general, because of forced days off, stores being closed, and such?  I myself have lost all faith in modern technologies and weather forecasters, as they are wrong far more than they are right.  Gone are the days of Levi Beebe, the great ‘weather prophet’, who lived on Beartown Mountain, and could forecast the weather with far greater accuracy than anyone today can.  So instead, I am stuck in my house with two kids who are already bored, and a car that has to stay parked until the travel ban is finally lifted.  I suppose I will bake some breads with them, and do a craft or two, and hopefully we can head out later on.  Storm Juno( yes, they’re even naming storms now)definitely played a big joke on the northeast today … Did you prepare for the ‘storm’?  Did you believe the hype? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let me know what you think about this snow ….IMG_1393 - Copy

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4 Responses to Another defunct snowstorm in the Berkshires

  1. Terry Plumb-Clark had this to say about that:

    Good and well-made points. My husband’s employer lost business with a client who had planned to have a software installation today but opted out due to fear and the hype of the great snowzilla heading our way. Magnify this by many businesses, large and small, and it has economic impact. Weather-prognosticating has turned into an entertainment money-maker, rather than a helpful science to improve our lives. It is no small coincidence that TV news shows have such large segments of weather reporting.

  2. grier horner had this to say about that:

    The weather forecasters screwed up for New York City and Berkshire County – but got it right on Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.
    Me, I’m happy they were wrong in Pittsfield.
    But the hype drives me a little crazy, too.

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