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With the drudgery of the winter behind us(at least, it better be behind us!), I decided to start venturing out and about more to check out some Berkshire places that I have yet to visit, or revisit places that I hadn’t been in awhile.  The Berkshires are becoming a ‘foodie’s mecca’, so I thought that checking out some local eateries was in order.

A bit earlier this Spring, I attended a business event at Castle Street Café.  This new American style café has never failed to impress me, and I am grateful that chef Michael Ballon, is willing to accommodate those with special diets( like me, the vegan!).  I had ordered the vegetable plate as my main dish and was to delighted to enjoy beets for the first time.  It wasn’t my first time tasting beets, but the first time that I actually enjoyed them.  I’m not sure how the chef prepared them, but whatever he did instantly converted me from someone who scorned beets to a certified lover of them.  I will be eternally grateful to him for that! The meal was tasty, the drinks were just right, and I was with lovely company, which together made for a wonderful dinner outing.Dinner at Castle Street Cafe


The atmosphere of the Castle Street Café is instantly relaxing, and with its dimmed lights it almost makes you feel like you’re in a theatre waiting for a show to begin.  Many nights a show is actually about to begin, as they offer live music ranging from folk to classic rock to their ever popular jazz nights.  Whether you are enjoying a meal, or just out for a couple of drinks, the music scene at the café makes it a lively and entertaining place to be.  And whatever you do, don’t leave without dessert!  Though my vegan diet didn’t leave me any dessert choices on the prix fixe menu, I have heard others rave about the desserts here. Have you been to Castle Street Café? What are your thoughts about the café?

Artwork by Marilyn Kalish

Artwork by Marilyn Kalish

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