Fun Times at Berkshire Paint and Sip

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This past week I had the chance to visit one of the newer businesses to the Berkshires,Berkshire Paint and Sip, on North Street in Pittsfield.  My night of painting coincided with Pittsfield’s 3rd Thursdays, so I was able to enjoy a little bit of pre-painting fun beforehand.  It was a lively night, and North Street was buzzing with action. I lent a hand(and some hoops) to Pittsfield City Hoopla for a little while, then headed over to try my hand at the painting class.IMG_1032IMG_1035

Joined by my sister-in-law, we entered the brightly lit space, and were greeted by owner, Michelle Iglesias, who immediately made us feel welcomed with her gracious, but lively personality.  The shop is set up with rows of easels on tables, with everything one would need to complete a painting.  There were also crackers, cookies, napkins and cups on a table, and painters are encouraged to bring their own drinks to sip on while painting.Berkshire Paint and Sip

When everyone had arrived, and wine glasses were filled, Michelle explained to everyone the process that we would be following to end up with a picture that would look similar to her example, this particular theme being ‘ Lily of the Valley’ … a stark black background with a vibrant sprig of Lily of the Valley in the center.  Step by step, she explained her methods for making the flower actually look like a flower. Painting with my sister-in-law by my side, along with that glass of wine, and Michelle’s great sense of humor, made for a wonderfully entertaining night that I won’t soon forget.Berkshiregirl Painting

In the end, the group of us, which included beginner painters to those with  some prior experience, all had paintings to bring home that more or less looked just like the one that we were trying to replicate. I don’t know if I would consider mine good enough to make it onto one of my walls, but the experience was so fun that it will always be a great momento of a great night.  In the past, I wouldn’t have thought myself as someone who would go to one of these events( I tend to be shy about certain things), but now that I know that someone as talented and fun as Michelle teaches these classes, I definitely would go again. I think that it would be a fabulous event to go to with a group of friends or on a first( or fiftieth)date with a special someone. Have you been to a ‘Paint and Sip’ yet? What was your experience like? I know that they are popping up, not only around the Berkshires, but around the country as well … I am interested to know if they are all that fun. Comment below to let me know! Berkshire Paint and Sip

* Disclaimer: Though I was given free tickets to attend this event, all thoughts are my own, and I only post about products and places that I truly believe in. If you are a business owner, and would like me to  visit your business or try your products, you can contact me at


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2 Responses to Fun Times at Berkshire Paint and Sip

  1. Annette McLeod had this to say about that:

    I hosted a paint and sip party at my house. It was fabulous! Everyone had a great time. Michelle was an excellent instructor and very patient with our lively group. I highly recommend everyone does at least one. It’s so fun to have that painting as a memento of a great time with friends.

    • had this to say about that:

      It must be extra fun to have one at a house! I agree with your thoughts about Michelle, I don’t think I would have liked it nearly as much with someone who didn’t have a great personality like hers!

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