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~ Berkshire Products:

Blue Q – ( ) This company offers fun, quirky items such as boxes, tins, bags, socks, lotions, soaps, chewing gum and so much more. With whimsical and often hilarious sayings printed on the items, they make great gifts that actually are great products as well.

~ David’s Biscotti -( ) I may be biased because these are a Berkshire product, but I really believe these are the best Biscotti on the market.  My father enjoys them so much that he has them shipped to where he lives in Florida. They are for sale in markets, but also at area farmer’s markets in the warmer months.

~ Pine Cone Hill – ( ) This is one part of the Annie Selke Company, whose products are sold all over the world.  Pine Cone Hill offers linens for tables, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as sleepwear, including the most luxurious bathrobe that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The products are sold in stores, as well as their outlet store in Pittsfield.

Crispina – ( ) This fabric artist creates wonderful recycled textiles in the form of clothing( think, sweaters, shirts, jackets), and also wonderful quilts.  She offers classes on making similar recycled items, and holds a giant sale every year at her studio in Pittsfield.

~ Klara’s Gourmet Cookies – ( ) If you are looking for delicious, homemade tasting cookies, look no further than Klara’s.  These wonderfully tasty cookies come in great flavors like Lemon Poppyseed, Vanilla Walnut Cresents, and Chocolate & Sea Salt shortbread. Yum!

~ Berkshire Bark – ( ) Chocolate bark, mixed with different fruits, nuts, and other goodness. There are several varieties, including the ever popular Pretzelogical.  I am not to be trusted with a bar of this stuff. Just saying.

~ Berkshire Blue Cheese – ( ) This renowned artisan cheese is made by Berkshire Blue, and is a sought after product for many visitors in the area, as well as local chefs, and though I no longer eat it because of my vegan diet, I can still remember the delicate creamy taste of this wonderful cheese.

~ Big Elm Brewing – ( ) I love their beer, and also the fact that they believe in giving back to the community. Sold in many stores, but you can also go for a tour at their brewery in Sheffield, and visit their tasting room, as well as picking up a selection of great beers.

~ Vertical Water – ( ) This is water from Maple trees, from the sustainably forested property of Feronia Forests, which also runs the aerial park, Ramblewild.  Cold, refreshing and certified GMO free, this is the water for me!

~ Berkshire Grain – ( ) This local company sells granolas, wine jellies, and Chaga, which is a natural healing product. They are sold locally, online and at farmer’s markets.

~ Hosta Hill – ( ) I really love this company. Not only are they great people, but their products are delicious. They make Tempeh, along with fermented vegetables, like Kimchi and Saurkrauts.  I have been known to eat an entire jar of their Kraut in one sitting. And their Tempeh is the freshest tasting that I have ever had!

~ Himala Salt – ( ) This Berkshire based company sources their Himalayan Salt from high in the Himalayas, but is processed under strict conditions in the Berkshires, whereas most Himalayan salts are processed elsewhere in the world with lesser standards.  Their pepper is stellar too, I definitely suggest their products for use in your own home, as well as for great gifts. I did a review on my blog(, if you want to read more about these products.





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