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You can contact me at:


Hire me: I can assist you in a variety of your online jobs.  I offer a variety of writing services and also virtual assistant tasks….I can help you to make a positive impact in the online world, and help your business to flourish… We can work together to find a plan that works for you…. Some of the online services that I  offer are:

Blog Management ~ whether you need me to manage a part of your blog, such as replying to e-mail or writing an article or also if you need me to manage your entire blog, I have the proven ability to help your business and your online presence grow. I currently write for two other blogs, and help manage others, and can help you also wherever you see a need on your website…

Social Media Management ~ If the world of social media confuses you, or if you simply don’t have the time to manage it, I can create and/or manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. sites. Social Media is here to stay, and I can help you get your brand/company name out there, and connect with the markets that you are trying to reach.

Staff Writing/Ghost Writing ~ Do you need assistance in writing for your website? I can write for your company, whether you need a one time article or a daily post, I have the experience to help you in the areas you need. I have written for several blogs, and have written articles for companies and periodicals, and also do a bit of ghost writing for several local companies…

~ Please email me if you would like to discuss a plan that will work for you!







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  1. arts indie had this to say about that:

    Testing 1,2,3… Can you hear me now?

  2. Teresa O'Brient had this to say about that:

    I own two retail stores in Stockbridge. Williams & Sons Country Store and 7 Arts. I am always looking for local products to sell. I currently sell Berkshire Bark, Klara’s Cookies, Fire Cider, and a few other locally made products. I support local suppliers as much as I can. I’m looking for a way to connect with more local suppliers. Any ideas? Note: I do not have refrigeration in my stores. Thank you.

    • had this to say about that:

      Sorry for the late reply … I have been out of commission, due to an illness. I will keep you in mind if I come up with some ideas for you, but David’s Biscotti, and Matt’s Cookie Bars. Thanks for getting in touch!

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