Finding a good breakfast in the Berkshires

Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by

There was a time, that finding a good breakfast in the Berkshires was a pretty easy task for me.  That was back when a fantastic café existed and I still ate dairy and eggs.  The café was one of the few places in the county that you could get a delicious, gourmet(but still ‘down home’ tasting) meal for breakfast [Read the full story …]

A night of opera at the Whitney Center for the Arts

Posted on: February 23rd, 2014 by

Last night, I made my way to the Whitney Center for the Arts(,  where they were hosting an evening of opera arias, set in a lovely informal atmosphere, such as would be found in the  olden days of Mozart. The event is known as ‘Opera Notte at the Whit’, and plans to be a regular affair, bringing in [Read the full story …]

An artist’s reception at the Whitney Center for the Arts: Inspection and Introspection Redux

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by

This past weekend, I finally made my way to the Whitney Center for the Arts. The building is one of Pittsfield’s latest additions to its arts scene, and I have been wanting to check out this new space. That chance came on Saturday, for local artist, Leo Mazzeo’s, art show opening. His event, entitled ‘ [Read the full story …]

A Valentine’s massage is just right…..

Posted on: February 5th, 2014 by
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A good massage can take away the world’s problems and make you feel fresh and new.  A great massage leaves you with a little something serene that you carry with you, into the days following the massage, and your body feels lighter and looser than it had previously.  A really great massage will do all [Read the full story …]

Fire Cider Love

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Most people who know me, understand that I am a bit of a freak when it comes to nutrition.  I believe in eating whole foods as much as possible, live a vegan(sometimes slipping to vegetarian) lifestyle and love to be active.  I rarely get sick and only believe in taking vitamins and supplements when my [Read the full story …]

Independent bookstores rock!

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Put me in a bookstore, and I can happily browse for hours.  If it’s a big bookstore, I would stay for days, if I were able. Though I have been known to frequent the larger chains, and mega stores in the bigger cities, my favorite bookstores are small, independent shops…. They tend to be unique, often [Read the full story …]

snow is coming!

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Tonight’s forecast for the weather is an approaching storm, hopefully dumping a bunch of snow on us by morning….I am so ready for it. We have had a few light dustings, and one good snow storm this year already, but they were followed by unusually warm(68 degrees in December!) bouts of weather, so the snow [Read the full story …]

I’m dreaming of a Blantyre Christmas…

Posted on: December 30th, 2013 by
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Christmas at home is always nice, being with loved ones, in a warm and familiar coziness…..But, I’ve always dreamed of spending Christmas day in a fantasy type, storybook setting. There are several places in the world that would be amazing places to be during the holidays, such as New York city or the little villages throughout Germany(the [Read the full story …]

a stop at a local vegetarian friendly cafe

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I find myself in great barrington frequently, and when I do, I try to stop into the riverbend café(  It is a ‘look quick or you’ve missed it’ type of place, located out on stockbridge rd., in great barrington.  Once upon a time, they had a different name(which my kids still call it) and only [Read the full story …]

a visit to Stockbridge Coffee….

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     Do you visit Stockbridge?  Have you been to Stockbridge Coffee( yet?  If not, you surely should……It’s a teeny, little shop on the first bend of Elm st., and it is one of the few places in the county that I can order a coffee drink, and know that it will be made properly…. One [Read the full story …]