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A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl

Posted on: August 17th, 2014 by

Berkshire HillsWhen I started my berkshiregirl blog and Facebook page, I was doing it for my own entertainment.  I have a huge love and fascination for the Berkshires and I'm currently in the process of writing a book based on the Berkshires.  So, I am always learning new tidbits and historical facts, and of course, I like Continue reading the story "A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl"

Berkshire County’s newest aerial adventure park is amazing!

Posted on: June 11th, 2014 by
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courses at Ramblewild A new aerial adventure park is opening soon in the Berkshires, and this Berkshiregirl got a sneak peek last week!  I have done basic aerial courses in the past, and have seen the different aerial parks around the county, so I was wondering if I would find anything unique at this new place, Continue reading the story "Berkshire County’s newest aerial adventure park is amazing!"

Himala Salt for this Berkshiregirl, Please!

Posted on: May 30th, 2014 by
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Himala Salt

Himala Salt

I recently received an assortment of products from HimalaSalt .  I have used Himalayan salts before, but never this brand, so I was excited to try them out.  Everyone knows how much I love local products, so I was hoping that I would love these, so I could share Continue reading the story "Himala Salt for this Berkshiregirl, Please!"

Berkshiregirl talks with Noel Prophet, of ‘Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few’.

Posted on: May 23rd, 2014 by

Starving Artist Cafe and CreperieThe other day, I was in a local coffee shop, and happened to run into Noel Prophet, a local musician and actor. We both had some free time, so I was able to sit with him over a cup of coffee, where I found out more about his new project, Soul Continue reading the story "Berkshiregirl talks with Noel Prophet, of ‘Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few’."

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe & Catering Co.

Posted on: May 4th, 2014 by

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe

The other day, I found myself on North Street, in Pittsfield, right before the lunch time hour.  I wanted to try someplace that I hadn't been to before, so I pulled out my handy dandy berkshiregirl list of places that I Continue reading the story "berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe & Catering Co."

A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by

naturally catering and takeoutToday, I ventured to Pittsfield for the sole purpose of stopping into Naturally Catering & Takeout, the new place at Berkshire Organics.  The owner is chef Aura Whitman, and she is the former owner of my favorite café in the Berkshires (which is now Continue reading the story "A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout"

Crispina’s Scrap Bag Challenge

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by

dolphin studiosLast month, when local business woman and upcycler extraordinaire, Crispina Ffrench, sent out an open invitation for a 'Scrap Bag Challenge', I knew that I had to be in on it.  I have always loved crafting and creating, and though I am by no means a master seamstress ( or even a Continue reading the story "Crispina’s Scrap Bag Challenge"

“Our Time” cabaret night at the Whitney Center for the Arts

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by
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'Our Time' at the Whitney Center for the ArtsThis past weekend, I attended one of the Whitney Center for the Arts events, this one being a wonderful night of cabaret.  Featuring singer and pianist, Ron Ramsay and singer, Samantha Talora, "Our Time" was a fabulous night of Continue reading the story "“Our Time” cabaret night at the Whitney Center for the Arts"

Winter snow in the Berkshires

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by

Snow means different things to different people around New England.  Kids,  of course think the more the better, and will gladly spend hours playing in the frigid temperatures.  There are the outdoor sports enthusiasts, who pray for the fluffy stuff, so they can get out on the slopes or hit the trails.  Then there are those of us, who are either just muddling through, praying Continue reading the story "Winter snow in the Berkshires"

Natural Food Stores in the Berkshires

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by
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Fresh ProduceWe are fortunate, in the Berkshires,  to live in the land of abundant farms and people who are committed to healthy foods, as a way of life.  In the summertime, it's easy to find fresh, local produce. There are farmer's markets, roadside stands, and if you don't garden yourself, you know someone who does, that will willingly supply Continue reading the story "Natural Food Stores in the Berkshires"