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Fun Times at Berkshire Paint and Sip

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by

  This past week I had the chance to visit one of the newer businesses to the Berkshires,Berkshire Paint and Sip, on North Street in Pittsfield.  My night of painting coincided with Pittsfield's 3rd Thursdays, so I was able to enjoy a little bit of pre-painting fun beforehand.  It was a lively night, and North Street was buzzing with action. I lent a hand(and Continue reading the story "Fun Times at Berkshire Paint and Sip"

Shopping Locally and It Feels like Autumn!

Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by
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Beautiful BerkshiresOkay, what is up with this weather?  What happened to my summer?  Definitely not a beach day, so I spent the day in search of a unicycle for my daughter's birthday.  I first stopped at Plaine's  bike shop, and though they had many cool  bikes, there were no unicycles to be found.  Continue reading the story "Shopping Locally and It Feels like Autumn!"

A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl

Posted on: August 17th, 2014 by

Berkshire HillsWhen I started my berkshiregirl blog and Facebook page, I was doing it for my own entertainment.  I have a huge love and fascination for the Berkshires and I'm currently in the process of writing a book based on the Berkshires.  So, I am always learning new tidbits and historical facts, and of course, I like Continue reading the story "A brief peek at the ‘why’ of berkshiregirl"

A lifetime love for East Side Pizza.

Posted on: August 3rd, 2014 by
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I'm sure that longtime residents of the Berkshires have their favorite 'go-to' pizza places, and I am definitely one of those people.  There are several that I think make pretty tasty pies, but there are only two in the county that I love enough to suggest to people looking for a delicious pizza.  One of my favorites is Baba Louie's , which has locations in Great Barrington, Continue reading the story "A lifetime love for East Side Pizza."

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe & Catering Co.

Posted on: May 4th, 2014 by

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe

berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe

The other day, I found myself on North Street, in Pittsfield, right before the lunch time hour.  I wanted to try someplace that I hadn't been to before, so I pulled out my handy dandy berkshiregirl list of places that I Continue reading the story "berkshiregirl visits On a Roll Cafe & Catering Co."

A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by

naturally catering and takeoutToday, I ventured to Pittsfield for the sole purpose of stopping into Naturally Catering & Takeout, the new place at Berkshire Organics.  The owner is chef Aura Whitman, and she is the former owner of my favorite café in the Berkshires (which is now Continue reading the story "A tasty lunch at Naturally Catering & Takeout"

Natural Food Stores in the Berkshires

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by
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Fresh ProduceWe are fortunate, in the Berkshires,  to live in the land of abundant farms and people who are committed to healthy foods, as a way of life.  In the summertime, it's easy to find fresh, local produce. There are farmer's markets, roadside stands, and if you don't garden yourself, you know someone who does, that will willingly supply Continue reading the story "Natural Food Stores in the Berkshires"

Art weekend in Pittsfield

Posted on: March 18th, 2014 by
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shows at the Whitney Center for the ArtsThe cold weather wasn't giving in, so I eventually had to.  This past weekend, I layered on some warm clothes, and ventured out to Pittsfield, where there were multiple art show receptions that I wanted to attend.  There were also several writer's workshops that I found my way to, so Continue reading the story "Art weekend in Pittsfield"

Visiting the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by

berkshiregirlThis weekend, I decided to come out of my hibernation and face this never-ending winter that has everybody moaning and groaning.  I had told myself recently, that I wasn't going to go out in the elements( except when absolutely necessary), until I could go out in my flip flops and short sleeves.  I know, not a Continue reading the story "Visiting the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers"

Froyo heaven at Ayelada…..

Posted on: March 10th, 2014 by

ayelada Like many other things, the Berkshires were slow to welcome the frozen yogurt phenomenon to our area.  Since it has arrived however, it has become a standard business in almost every big town in the county.  They are all fine and well, I mean, who doesn't like yummy froyo with tons of tasty toppings piled on?  But, out of all Continue reading the story "Froyo heaven at Ayelada….."